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This FastSim project is directly based upon the work of Eric Schnarr, who created this as part of his PhD project, FastSim v0.2. He developed the earlier FastSim v0.1 as a platform that could create faster processor simulators than SimpleScalar. ( SimpleScalar was developed by Todd Austin for his PhD within the Multiscalar Group of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.) FastSim v0.1 was an entirely new piece of code written in assembler and C++ and used EEL (Executable Editing Library). EEL was written by James Larus. FastSim v0.1 is an experimental piece of code that is not intended for release, but details may be found here.

Eric has graciously re-licensed all of the source code under the LGPL to allow the hosting of it under SourceForge. Further mention goes to Mark Hill, Eric's advisor at the University of Wisconsin. Thanks to all!

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